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The Walk 1000 Miles Challenge

Getting outside is a fabulous way to promote good health – fresh air, sunshine and exercise all boost you physically and mentally, and it’s something H and I want to do more of next year. Learning of Country Walking’s Walk 1000 Miles Challenge came just after I bought us both National Trust membership and I signed up to Virtual Runner. Perfect timing!

1000 miles sounds like a lot, but equates to 2.74 miles a day and you don’t have to get outside to do it, though that’s recommended where possible. We’re looking at accessible places and routes, and there’s loads of information online. The National Trust has details on what’s available at each location (disabled toilets, accessibility in the mansions, etc) while most national park websites include a section on “miles without stiles”.

While planning days out as a disabled couple requires a fair amount of planning, I’m really enjoying tracking information done and creating bullet journal spreads of places we can go to. Add in the shiny medals I can win with Virtual Runner and there’s a lot to get out of this challenge!

[It’s worth noting at this point that walking does count for VR. My aim for the moment is to get out and exercising – jogging will come later, and maybe running after that.]

Although you’re only competing with yourself, the Walk 1000 Miles challenge has a great community offering support, both on the website and the Facebook group. The challenge is free to enter, however I do recommend buying the February 2020 issue of Country Walking as it contains a tracker and a ton of useful information for newbie walkers.

I will be blogging about our progress and the places we go, so I’d love it if you’d subscribe to my blog and follow our journey. It’d be even better if you did it alongside us (in a virtual way!)

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