Trialling the WHILL Model C

I came across TGA Mobility while checking out AccessTOG – a website devoted to countryside rambles whether you’re able-bodied or have physical restrictions – and was immediately entranced by their WHILL Model C chair. I arranged a home demonstration, and a lovely chap called David came out yesterday afternoon with one to look at.

The WHILL caught my attention because it was electric and suitable for countryside paths. AccessTOG’s Debbie North sings high praise of the more advanced Model M and her review made me really excited about the C’s potential. But nothing I imagined stood up to seeing the WHILL in action – it. is. FABULOUS.

The narrow frame means it can even get around our unadapted home, sliding through doorways with ease. It has unique omni–wheels at the front, which gives the chair a teeny turning circle. The palm control is really responsive, and the seat provides great lumber support. The chair runs on a lithium battery, which is much lighter than regular cell ones, and it’ll go 10 miles from fully charged. Best of all, it breaks down in seconds into three sections, making putting it in a car boot a doddle.

Look at how cool that is! Both H and I are seriously sold. The price tag was a pleasant surprise as well – it comes in just under £4K, less when you have VAT relief through PIP (we’re still waiting on ours to process.) The WHILL is also available through Motobility, though David suggested we use the mobility component of PIP to get a car and buy a WHILL when funds allow.

Our plan is to get one next year, around April/May, once H’s insurance claim finally goes through. As great as the WHILL is, I don’t we’d get much use of it over winter, at least not outside. So it makes sense to wait until spring, which will hopefully give me long enough to get some answers about my troublesome left foot.

Photos courtesy of TAG Mobility