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Top Five Lush Bath Bombs

I absolutely love a Lush bath bomb. They’re luxurious and smell divine, and best of all are completely cruelty free! A hot bath with a bomb is my favourite self care technique. Here are my top five bath bombs from their generous range:

Intergalactic bath bomb

#1 Intergalactic

My utter favourite. I love the fresh scents and the way this bomb truly explodes. The colours and glitter swirl around until  I have a veritable galaxy in my bath!

#2 Rocket Science

The gorgeous blend of bergamot and lemon makes this a close second. I love the fun rocket shape and the way the colours fizzles over the surface of the water

#3 Marshmallow World

The vanilla and strawberry of this bomb makes it smell quite sweet, but it’s perfect when I’m feeling particularly down and craving sugar. The marshmallow powder makes my skin incredibly soft and I get out feeling very pampered. All-in-all, Marshmallow World is a great pick me up.

#4 Golden Slumbers

Lavender and chamomile are well-known to promote a good sleep, and Golden Slumbers is the perfect bomb to send you off. This is a really relaxing bomb if you’re feeling stressed or washed out. It does leave a lot of glitter in the bath, though!

#5 Pirates of the Carrageenan

Another bomb that’s great to combat stress. This cute treasure chest shaped bomb blends pimento berry and ginger oils in a swirl of blue and green shades that make you feel quite the mermaid. If you love walks in the woods, you’ll love this bomb as it smells so outdoorsy.

Disclaimer: No Lush bombs are tested on animals and the glitter used is eco-friendly. This post is non-affiliate and I’ve received no compensation. The reviews are my personal opinion of bombs I’ve bought and used.
Photos used are copyright Lush Retail Ltd.

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