Stroke Assessment

Last Thursday (12 Dec), H had an appointment with physio at Salford Royal Hospital, which included their assessment as he comes up to the ‘anniversary’. His neurologist told me in January that medically H had a year to improve – after that, further improvement was unlikely. To be honest, I’ve been so caught up in Christmas and the anniversary, that I’d forgotten about this part of it all. Or maybe I was blanking it out.

Either way, Thursday meant facing it head on. They’re 99% sure he’ll never regain use of his arm. He’ll never manage stairs. While his leg is getting stronger, the brain injury has left him with a cognitive disfunction that means he gets distracted easily, especially when tired. Basically, they’re fairly sure he’ll be unable to walk more than a couple of steps.

He has three more physio sessions, where they’re going to try getting his brain and leg more in sync. Then he’ll be discharged, and we’ll have Occupational Therapy out again to reassess the house for a lift and an accessible bathroom. We’ll move from a temporary state to a stable one.

On one hand, I’m saddened that he’ll not make a better recovery. On the other, I know how lucky we are and that him being discharged allows us to move on with our lives. It’ll be a different life, but I’m hoping it’s still going to be a good life.