Stash Bust 2019

Even after a year’s yarn ban, I still have loads left over from the days of my yarn shop, so I’ve put myself on another for 2019 in an attempt to bust my stash.

The Rule

I’m not allowed to buy yarn, not even if it’s on sale or super pretty, UNLESS it’s to top up what’s being used in a current project. This serves two purposes: the first being to use yarn I already have, and the second to actually finish those WIPs that have been languishing in my store cupboard.

Last Year

I didn’t do great at finishing things. I did the Ravelry Project Challenge but only finished 2 of my stated 6 projects, though I did finally manage to make something for myself for once! I did finish a few other things, but for some reason didn’t log them on Ravelry.

My Current Projects

Being a blanket addict, I have three on the go at the moment:

  • neon squares in Stylecraft Special DK
  • maybelle flowers, also in SSDK, and
  • baby blossoms in SS Aran and based on a cushion pattern found in Mollie Makes

All these makes will be going into my shop once they’re finished, washed and blocked.

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