Moving furniture, changing mindset

Creative Spaces is a new series where fellow creatives share where they work,
be it as a hobby or for a business. This month, Ruth from Ruth in Revolt shares
how a change in her working space helped changed her mindset.

My desk used to be in the corner of my bedroom. There wasn’t really anywhere else for it to go. I could get my work done there, but it was a struggle. It wasn’t an inspiring space. It was dark and faced a different direction to the window, so I couldn’t see outside.

In addition to that, it felt like I never left my bedroom. I woke up there, I worked there, and I went to sleep there. I pretty much only came out to eat and use the bathroom. It didn’t feel healthy. Getting to sleep was becoming more and more difficult because I associated the space with getting things done – not resting.

So, after clearing out some things, my boyfriend and I were able to make space in the living room, next to the window. The natural light coming in is much better for my overall mood. My new workspace feels much bigger and brighter, even though the desk itself hasn’t changed at all.


Being able to see outside really helps my creativity. Watching the clouds go by, listening to the birds sing or observing the rain splash onto the ground all have the potential to spark some inspiration. If I begin feeling overwhelmed, I’ll make myself a cup of tea, and take ten minutes out of my day to enjoy the view. It’s not overly exciting – just some messy grass, a few trees and the occasional bird – but it’s enough to reinstate calm when things get hectic.

I do my best to keep my desk clear of clutter. Having things all over the place makes me feel frustrated and unable to concentrate. Thankfully, I have a couple of drawers and cupboard space in my desk, so I can put things away, but still have them nearby. These areas tend to get a bit messy from time to time, so I regularly have clear-outs. The main thing is that they are not in my eyeline when I’m trying to get things done, or that’s all I can focus on!

My lovely little cat, Juno, regularly keeps me company while I’m working. Her favourite spot is on the windowsill, where she likes to bask in sunlight, or just keep an eye on things. More often than not, she gets in the way – sitting on my mouse, putting her head on my keyboard or trying to climb on my knee – but I’m thankful for her company.

For me, having the right space is definitely an essential in productivity. There are ways mine could be a lot better. Ideally, I’d have a separate office altogether, but for now, it does the job and enables me to do mine.

Thanks for sharing, Ruth! Be sure to check out her sites. 🙂


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