Stroke Diary

Home at last!

Yesterday – exactly seven months to the day he suffered a stroke – H came home.

It was massively emotional, and I have to give a shout out to his biker mates who went to the hospital to escort him home. He’d no idea this was happening, so it was a great surprise and certainly made his arrival an occasion!

Now it’s about settling down and finding a routine. We have care coming in 4 times a day, though I’m classed as his main carer. Yesterday I forgot my own tablets, so I’m going to need to watch that – self-care is just as important as he’d reliant on me.

I’m a little irritated at the hospital as, despite several requests for info on what’s provided, I still need to go out and get wipes etc. This is after running out for a portable “piss pot” (as H delightfully puts it!) I also didn’t realise the level of care needed; I’m having to sleep on the sofa in case he needs assistance during the night.

The next few days are going to be the hardest for both of us. H will be getting much more stimulation than he’s used to, which means he’ll need plenty of rest, while I need to bring his care assistances up to speed on his needs and how to use the Sera Stedy.

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