Goals for 2020

Setting goals and resolutions for the new year is something most of us do, but I’ve been reluctant to put anything down. We had so many plans end of 2018 and they all went up in smoke after H’s stroke. Given that there’s still many things we don’t know – least of all whether we’ll be staying in our current home or having to move – and I’m sure you can understand my hesitation!

Yet the last year has taught me that life is short and not to put off the things I want to do. So I’m being brave and posting my goals for 2020.

Walk 1000 Miles

I posted about this challenge the other day. So far it’s not gone well – I came down with a cold on New Year’s Day so I’m nursing that – but we have memberships to the National Trust and I’m excited about where we can go when the weather’s better.

Expand the Blog

This sort of folds in with the above, since the walks we’ll be doing will all be accessible, but I also want to get out to restaurants, pubs and so on so I can review those as well. My aim is to have a website that those will mobility problems can use to source accessible places to go.

Finish A Book

Writing used to be my escape from depression, but it clubbed together with anxiety and my writing’s been sporadic since 2015. I managed to get halfway through National Novel Writing Month and wrote 15,000 words in December so I feel confident to put finishing one of my many, many WIPs down as a goal.

Finish Some Crochet Projects

I’m really bad at starting blankets, but not so great at finishing them. My Miarly literally had eight squares and the border to go. Yes, natural light is an issue, but I can manage an hour or so most days. I’ve no excuse to get them done and ticked off.

Get Into a Daily Routine

Although aimed at mums with younger children, I’ve signed up to The Organised Mum Method in an attempt to get into a routine as H’s needs mean I’m all over the place at the moment. I desperately need some organisation to make me feel more settled and in control.

I’m also going to try bullet journaling more, keeping track of housework and bills, which I’m hoping will help on the organisational front.