Chedworth Crescent to Old Lane

The Linnyshaw Loopline is a walking and cycling route between Little Hulton and Walkden, and it connects to other looplines throughout Salford. They are partly on roads, but mostly run along the old railway lines, away from traffic. The Linnyshaw loop runs very close to our house, and I’m looking forward to investigating more of the trail.

Man in an electric wheelchair driving on pathway
H in his Abilize Pursuit powerchair on the loopline headed towards Old Lane

Today, we got on from Chedworth Crescent (south access) to Old Lane on our way to Iceland for a spot of shopping. I decided to take Abby on the ramble, which I quickly regretted when I realised how wet and muddy everywhere was! She, however, had tons of fun running up and down the stream. It was the second time H got out in his new Abilize Pursuit, thought the first time in the waterproof poncho I got him for Christmas.

Black dog investigating hedgerow
The one photograph of Abby I can post – all the others were blurred!

Salford Council had done a lot of work on the looplines, and the new(ish) surface makes for very easy going. It being post-Christmas, we saw a couple of families with kids on bikes which was great to see. Though it was cool and breezy, there was enough sunshine to make it a pleasant ramble.

The Linnyshaw Loopline
The Linnyshaw Loopline is a spot of countryside in the middle of a busy urban area

You can read more about the looplines around Salford here.