Abilize Pursuit Powerchair

On Friday I got a call from my Dad – “I want to buy Howard a wheelchair.” He gave me the supplier and model details so I could check it out. all seemed fine, so I told him he could go ahead. With lots of thanks, of course!

Abilize Pursuit PowerchairThe Abilize Pursuit is suitable for indoors and out, with two¬†12V batteries that enable it to travel up to 12 miles. The batteries lift out and then the wheelchair folds up for transportation – though I’ve not tried this as yet. The chair is also very customisable – the back, arm and footrests all adjust to fit it to the user’s body.

We are having a slight problem with the size. It’s not built with an inaccessible home in mind (unlike the WHILL Model C) so getting into the kitchen is a struggle. I’ll have to ask our housing officer if the doorways can be widened, though this will be after Christmas now.

The other problem I had was that the chair came unassembled via a delivery service. I had to get it in and put together by myself, which wasn’t the easiest thing. The instructions are a little vague and the photographs are too small to be of any use. I got there in the end, though!

These minor quibbles aside, Howard says the Abilize Pursuit is comfortable and it looks far more capable than his current attendant wheelchair. I am looking forward to him trying it outside.